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About Us

Roya Resources, LLC is a Bakersfield, California based oil and mineral exploration company that focuses on drilling the untapped, under-explored prospective areas of the Prolific South San Joaquin, Ventura, Santa Maria and Salinas Valley Basins with new and modern technology.

Every member of the Roya team has more than 40 years of experience each in multiple provinces across America. They now concentrate on the Central and Coastal regions of California drilling shallow wells of less than 5,000 feet, which require no hydraulic fracturing, with all projects currently estimating between 5-200 million barrel targets (at today’s prices, every 1 million barrels yields $100 million gross revenue).

Roya provides investors interested in entering the tax favored oil and gas business and its long term revenue stream possibilities a portfolio of lower risk exploration prospects with the potential for superior return on investment. Our prospects typically have favorable geology, geophysics and geochemistry surveys often off setting production or near wells with oil shows and cored oil sands.

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